Check on that water leak!!!

We have a new floor in our master bath.  So how does that happen if you have a leak in your kitchen?  Read on!

Well just to let you know what happened in our house this past week.  We had small water leak under our dishwasher last week, just a little drip that we found on Monday night.  I found the leak and was able to tighten the loose connection.  We also have wood flooring (laminate flooring)on most of our first floor.  So the water got under the wood and warped some of the boards.  So I thought OK I can fix this, just replace some of the boards.  So on Tuesday, I went about  pulling out the dishwasher, taking off trim and removing flooring.  Of course it is always more damage than you think and this was also.  Still just a few more boards so I went on my quest of getting replacements.  (A quick side note, this flooring was in the home when we purchased it and we had no spare boards).  Well after a long day carrying around a board to try to match I had no luck – different manufacturers have different interlocking methods, different sizes and thicknesses.

So I came home pretty let down.  Also our first floor is very open, so there was not a good place to transition from one type to another.  Lorie had the idea of our laundry room!  So I thought that is great, so we disconnected the washer and dryer, took off the door and moved them out, then I took off all that trim and pulled up that flooring.  All to find out I was still a few boards short (we did count – but as we started replacing boards we could see that a few more had warped).  So we went to bed Tuesday night with the kitchen and laundry a mess and no answer.  As I stood brushing my teeth that night I looked down and our master bath has the same flooring!!!  (I guess I was so fried that day I did not think about it.).

So the next day (Wednesday) I get up and take out the master bath trim, toilet, etc and pull up that flooring.  (Side note it is a lot more work to get the flooring up when you are not trying to damage it vs. just tearing it out.).  So now we have some good news.  I have enough boards to finish the kitchen, install the dishwasher and all the trim.  Then on to the laundry, just enough boards to put that back together, install trim and the washer and dryer.

Now we have a mess in our master bath.  So I told Lorie, you now get to pick whatever you would like for the master bath.  So we went out shopping on Wednesday and after many places, found what we wanted and purchased it, loaded it and brought it home.  We then carried all the new flooring up to our master bedroom for me to install.  It was getting late on Wednesday, but our toilet was sitting in the middle of our master bath and most of the flooring torn out.  So I went to work on the water closet (where the toilet is).  I had to work around a water supply line for toilet, the toilet drain, vent and the door.  So after a lot of cutting I had this area installed and the toilet working.  Then I went to bed!!!

On Thursday, I spent the entire day finishing taking out the other flooring and installing the new flooring.  Also another note, the new flooring was thicker than the old, so I had to do a lot of extra cutting where the flooring goes under doors and door trim.  But by later that day we had a new floor in our bathroom.  Lorie also loved the fact that we had an air compressor sitting in our bedroom, along with a lot of tools.  I had borrowed a miter saw that I used in the master bath so everything in the master bath was covered in thick sawdust.  Lorie came in as I finished and cleaned it all up as I got everything hauled out of the bedroom and put up.  I was very tired and sore!

So sometimes we all have fun with our homes!


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